Who we are - American Rural
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Who we are

Entrepreneurs, business leaders, engineers, and more. We are a coalition supported by individuals and corporations who believe in the value of rural Americans as innovative, whip-smart, and resilient. We seek to foster rural and small town opportunity and prosperity in order to serve the 88 million Americans who live in these special places.


Diane Smith – CEO/Founder

Diane Smith is an entrepreneur, policy expert, and writer in Whitefish, Montana.  The author of TheNewRural.Com, Diane persuasively makes the case that “There’s never been a better time to live and work in Rural America.”  She has written often about the new “opportunity equation” for those of us who live and work in rural and small towns and she supports her conclusions with data and stories of success from her own backyard.

An attorney as well as a businessperson, Diane was instrumental in the launch of the competitive long distance, mobile and iptv industries.  She was co-founder and CEO of the company today known as Vubiquity.  She grew the Northwest Montana company from concept to $30M in funding in less than 4 years.  Today, the company continues its ground-breaking technology development in digital media and employs in Kalispell, Montana some of the world’s greatest video technology innovators and rock stars.

A recent veteran of politics, Diane was a primary candidate for the 2012 Montana Congressional seat.  Her campaign team crafted sophisticated, some called them risky, social media and video strategies, including “Ideas Week” on Facebook which quickly became a well-regarded asset in the election.  Traveling throughout the state, she also grew even more passionate about the value and potential of rural entrepreneurship, technology access and smart energy solutions.

Diane believes that rural and small town Americans are the most innovative people in the most innovative country ever and looks forward to working on initiatives that ensure widespread economic vitality, opportunity, and entrepreneurial success for her neighbors and friends in remote communities nationwide.