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Police Killings in Rural America?

In the aftermath of the tragic deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, it’s clear all of America needs to be deeply concerned about the use of deadly force by law enforcement. Surprisingly, rural and small town America may need to worry most. A recent story in FiveThirtyEight delivers a number of worrisome […]

CARES Act – Is the Money Going to Rural America?

A recent op-ed in the Pittsburgh-Post Gazette made an interesting claim that the “$3 trillion in coronavirus aid isn’t heading to hometown America, but to large municipalities.” Is that true?  My colleague Marc has a good take on the overall numbers.  There he concludes that rural states are taking in more per capita in coronavirus […]

Racial Inequity Matters…Even In Montana

This has been a terrible week for America. We all mourn for George Floyd and every other person who has died at the hands of those charged with our protection. We are all shamed by bad actors amongst us. Our cities have transformed into battlegrounds as African American communities and their allies protest abusive policing.and […]

John Oliver Can’t Save The Post Office

Politicians are playing football with the Post Office. President Trump wants to kill it. Democrats seem to think the current system is sacrosanct. USPS is one of many government programs that transfers wealth from high density cities to low density rural and small towns. USPS has made these transfers for more than 100 years. Rural […]