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CARES Act – Is the Money Going to Rural America?

A recent op-ed in the Pittsburgh-Post Gazette made an interesting claim that the “$3 trillion in coronavirus aid isn’t heading to hometown America, but to large municipalities.” Is that true?  My colleague Marc has a good take on the overall numbers.  There he concludes that rural states are taking in more per capita in coronavirus […]

The Stock Market Has Recovered…Who Cares?

As of the close of the equity markets today, the S&P500, a broad index of stock market performance, has recovered to pre-COVID-19 levels. This is great news for America, right? We only know about the details of household stock ownership from the Survey of Consumer Finances conducted by the Federal Reserve Board every three years. […]

Who CARES and Who Benefits?

The CARES Act, passed by Congress to provide “fast and direct economic assistance for American workers and families, small businesses, and preserves jobs for American industries” falls squarely in the category of wealth redistribution. Every single bill that needs to pass the Senate must, in a sense, pay off low population states. This essentially means […]