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So Much To Say…

10 Jun So Much To Say…

I’m flying from Montana to Washington, DC to speak before the U.S. Senate
Economic Mobility Caucus and the Pew Charitable Trust.  Zac Brown is playing
on my iPad, the mountains look stunning, all should be good.  But
something’s going on that’s pretty unusual for me these days … I’m

It’s remarkable that American Rural, barely a year old, has been invited to
participate on a panel that includes big names from the Aspen Institute, New
America Foundation, and Pew Research Center.  And, I know my stuff.  But,
there’s so much I want to share with our policymakers in the Russell Senate
Office Building about what I’ve learned from small town life since I left DC
almost 12 years ago.   

I want them to know about the entrepreneurial spirit that surrounds me.

I want to put into the right words the patriotism, generosity, and faith of
my neighbors that inspires me daily.  

I want to persuade them to stop seeing rural and small town America as a
problem to be solved and instead see it as a resource for our great Nation.
And I want them to give us the tools and freedom to crank up our output.  

I want them to know that space breeds creativity and creativity births
invention and invention grows prosperity.  

And I want them to know that what they do – or don’t do- matters to so many
folks, so they’d better man/woman up.  

And make really smart choices.

Get on with the hard work of educating 21st kids, turbocharging our economic
engine,  building national pride (because weapons matter but resolve wins),
and caring for those who need it while calling on those of us who don’t to
do more.

I’m nervous that I’ll fail to communicate all that in the brief time that I
have.  As American Rural grows and enters our next phase, we’ll be speaking
often, so there will be other opportunities to make these points.  But
today, well, if you’re a prayerful person, or an energy person, or any kind
of spiritual person at all, I’d welcome anything you’ve got.  I may need

Thanks for your help and wish me luck.  

Diane Smith 

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